Connecting Your Domain Name & Web Hosting

There are two essential requirements in building a website: the Domain Name and Web Hosting.

1. Domain Name – What is a Domain Name?

The address of a website is the domain name  — for instance, is the domain name for this business. When you purchase a domain name, you will do so through a domain registrar. Learn more about domain names 

2. Web Hosting – What is Web Site Hosting

Your web site is made up of files, images and scripts and all of these components need a home. That’s where web hosting comes in. Your web hosting is essentially a computer which allows the public to view these files. Looking for web hosting?

Connecting the Dots

Once you have purchased a Domain Name and selected the right type of hosting for your site, you will need to connect the two.

Your web hosting company will supply you “name servers” or “DNS records”. An example of name servers could look like this: and

You will have to login to your Domain Registrar and find the link to “manage” your domain name and once on that screen, look for another link or reference to “change name servers”. They will typically provide two fields (or boxes) to fill in the name server information as provided to you through your web host.

Be sure to save your infomation!

Waiting Game — Up to 24 Hour NameServer Propagation Period

It used to be a very long wait for nameservers to take effect — now the wait time is as short as 24 hours. In Vancouver, we have two main Internet Service Providers (or ISP’s): Shaw and Telus. Depending on how often they refresh their information, the wait time is reduced. Your web host is not to blame for the delays — it’s a waiting game from this point forward. The fastest turn-around I have seen was under an hour.

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